Won a scholarship to a mountain recording retreat!

I found out about a recording retreat at NAMM after attending a Roswell Audio mic giveaway for multiple days and winning nothing. But, after the giveaway, they were handing out cards about an annual recording retreat. “Two hours from DC!”

I thought, hey, I now live two hours from DC. #CVILLE

So I got the card and looked it up and saw the price and promptly stuffed it down in my consciousness.

A few months later I got the monthly Music Connection magazine about them doing scholarships.

I applied with a short essay and the Waiting For You song before the deadline.

I have just gotten word that I was one of the three winners!

Very excited.

But of course…I win a luxury audio getaway in the mountains… and it’s postponed because who knows when the world will open up again! lol.

Excited and grateful though 🙂

Will update this post as developments unfold.



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