What I use to make music

Hey pals! I wanted to make a blog post full of the gear that I use to record and mix my music. It’s really nothing too fancy but it all sounds great and gets the job done! These first few are what I recommend to people who are just starting out!

These headphones are very popular amongst the recording/producing at home crowd. They are very inexpensive for such great studio monitor headphones. They are perfect for recording and mixing as well as listening for enjoyment. They come with three durable cables with different jacks at the ends, for your interface or standard headphone jack.

This mic is a super great condenser mic that you can use to record anything you want! I’ve used it to record my acoustic guitar, an upright piano, my voice, my violin, so pretty much anything. I remember I randomly ordered it on black friday a few years ago and was not disappointed. 

I would have to recommend this over what I actually use below..

But I can’t recommend it because none of the cables I tried worked when I got it! To get it the interface to work I literally uninstalled windows 8 down to 7, but that didn’t work so I got a Mac. 🙂

BUT THAT DIDN’T WORK EITHER!!! Until one day a miracle worker at guitar center gave me one. So if it breaks then I’ll have to upgrade…

So to avoid all that I would recommend an efficient pack of all the gear you need. Don’t let anybody tell you it ain’t good enough.

This is super great because normally an interface costs $200, but here you get the cables, the headphones, the interface and a mic for $200. Probably would’ve been a better idea for me.

If you don’t get the pack then you’ll need a good stand and some cables to connect a mic. Good stands are so great man. 

My stands and cables are like 30 years old dudes.

If you do decide to go one of these ways, this is pretty critical as well,

The heck is this thing? Well my friends this is to stop the explosive B’s and P sounds from ruining your recordings. 

Yeah man it’s pretty important. Or you could use pantyhose if you want..

All of that is what you really need to get started. These next products are more recent editions and I didn’t really need them to mix my album. So don’t let not having these hold you back. Heck mates I started recording on my iPhone Garageband software. Then I upgraded to a USB Mic connector that ripped out my USB drive and broke everything. So yeah.

Fancier things

These are boss. I didn’t get them in a fancy pack like this. This would have been way cheaper than getting them individually. Man y’all is lucky. These are pretty rad to have once you’re further along in your recording journey. They sound really rad.

This controller is pretty great it you’re like me and want to pick up your studio and move it wherever you go. One time I thought I broke it but I didn’t.

They have a new version as well that is more sturdy and actually has modulation and a jack to plug in a sustain pedal. Your choice yo.

My most recent edition to my studio is one of these babies.

sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X


sE Electronics

Probably could have benefited me a lot to have this earlier on but I don’t like to admit that I need to buy any gear. Because it really doesn’t matter what you use. Yeah I said it. But this acts as sort of a portable sound booth. My room had carpet when I was recording my album but since my room flooded they put hard wood flooring down. So if you clap in my room it’s pretty reflective. So this is totally a plus to have. Not required though!

Other things I have:

I won this at a concert!

My beloved that is discontinued:

And the baby I started music with:

So yeah friends who want to start recording themselves, this is way cheaper than how it used to be years ago, and it sounds great! The quality in this price range all gets better everyday.

But who wants to buy gear everyday when you want to make music?

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