On Interviewing The Goo Goo Dolls

The Goo Goo Dolls are from my hometown of Buffalo NY,  so some call them hometown heroes. You probably know their song “Iris” or “Name”. They held a concert out in the rain in downtown Buffalo back in 2004, which was my first concert. I was 6. I got to meet them when they were filming a music video in a secret location for their new album “Boxes” that came out yesterday. It has Sydney from Echosmith on it so check it out. Here’s my cover of their famous song “Name.”

There were two female boxers there, and the idea was that one was fighting. It’s alter ego, so they both had their hair dyed red. They were from UB college and one day they got a call that The Goo Goo Dolls were looking for female boxers for a music video, so why not!

It was so cool to see professional video equipment, as well as a major label music video shoot, especially guys from my hometown. The train station used to be a major place of transport, similar to the Grand Central Terminal in New York City. My grandma was recently telling me stories about how the family would reunite at this terminal and take trains everywhere. I want to take an Amtrak somewhere. How much dreamier would that be than to just see highways and miss many spectacular views. Now, this terminal is abandoned and pretty spooky. I was standing on the opposite side of where the camera angles were, and the only part of filming I got to see was them singing in the boxing ring.

This is the interview we got to do with them. I ran the camera and edited the interview.


I also got to meet them again at a private V.I.P. event a few days later, where they did an acoustic set!







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