Music Production

Hi! I’m Lynz.

I studied the record-making process at Westlake Studio‘s commercial music production academy in LA. (Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Rihanna)

If you work with me..

Here are all the things you’re gonna get

  • A call to discuss your vision for your music and get to know each other better
  • Live instrumentation from my collection of vintage analog synthesizers, guitars, and basses
  • Intricate drum programming using live drum sounds or synthesized samples
  • The time involved to do editing/polishing the tracks & tuning your vocals
  • The time it takes to mix everything together
  • A mastering session to bring the song up to a commercial volume, ready for competitive release. People tend to assume quiet songs don’t sound as professional

You can hear my work at…

You’ll also get…

  • All the files you need to upload to a distributor to reach all digital platforms. I recommend Distrokid! You can use my link to get a 7% discount 🙂
  • Each track as stems, so you’ll have them for remixes!
  • 30 & 60-second versions of the song perfect for sync opportunities!
  • A TV track (An instrumental with backing vocals for live performances)
  • Acapella & Instrumental tracks

And if we wanted to outsource any outside musicians (live drums, horns, strings, etc.), we would just add their rates to the price.

If you decide that you’d like my vocals, it’s included! Co-writing is available too

Let’s get started!


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