A professional mix of your song instantly lets your tracks jump out of the speakers and come to life in the best way. Mixing allows your songs to compete on a professional level.


What is Mixing?

Mixing is crucial.

It’s the art of taking each one of your tracks and sculpting the best sound for each one and allows them to blend in the best way.

Mixing is how you make a track punchy, how you get it to jump out of the speakers.

Take a listen to my mixes here:

Its how you get clarity and the correct volume balance of each instrument and how they dynamically change over the song.

Its how you place instruments and where.

It’s the art of applying effects like reverb and delays to add interest and life to the elements.

What I need from you:

  1. Send me your dry multi-tracks to lynz@lynzmunich.com via WeTransfer or a publically accessible Google Drive link.
  2. Make sure your tracks are not clipping over 0db. -18db is preferred.
  3. Remove as much channel processing as possible that still leaves the sound the way you want it.
  4. Remove EQ’s and compressors and time-based effects.

Limit of 30 tracks for this order.

Contact me if you have more and need a custom quote.

If you need mixing you might as well need editing and mastering as well.


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