Bring up your song to a commercial volume level to sound just as professional as your favorite records.


Ever wonder why your song sounds so much quieter than your favorites?

People assume songs are less professional if they are quieter.

How do you fix this?

Enter mastering.

What is mastering?

Mastering is the art of bringing up the volume of your mix to a commercial volume, so yours don’t feel quieter in a playlist.

It also shapes the brightness of your song to fit sonically with others.

What I need from you to get started:

Complete the purchase

Please send me your song to

For best results:

  • There is no master bus processing at all
  • Make sure that it is not clipping (not in the red and is below 0db) -8 is best!

What mastering is not:

Mastering will not make your song sound more punchy, cleaner, or sonically that much better if the mix is poor.

You can hire me for that, though.

Get your tracks as loud as the pros.

Get it mastered!


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