Released ‘Enough’

won the Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame’s songwriting contest with her song Enough“. It won me the opportunity to record at the Goo Goo Dolls’ studio ‘GCR‘ in downtown Buffalo.

Plus, members of the hall of fame served as session musicians for it.

I already had my demo so I figured, why not let them do their thing? We went for a country vibe like Back Home by Owl City.

  • Lyndsay Munich (guitar and vocals)
  • Chris Panfil (banjo)
  • Mark Panfil (mandolin) ,
  • Jim Whitford (bass & pedal steel guitar),
  • Mike Stamp (cajon & percussion)
  • Justin Rose (mixing/engineering),
  • Anthony Casuccio (mastering),
  • Tom Lorentz (producer)
  • Video directed by Dan Barone
  • Cinematography by Dan Barone

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