Completed Adam Young’s Cover of Brave by Nichole Nordeman (100k+ views)

DateDecember 2016

The story of this is as follows, Adam Young posted a 40-second cover Brave by Nichole Nordeman.

Original song:

Adam confirmed that he would not finish it, I had a dream one day that I finished it so I did.

With the help of my friend Davis, we used some ‘Dadadas’ from a tutorial that Adam had posted.

Brave is in the key of C, this was C minor, so I used Melodyne to pitch it into key.

I also used an acapella of Adam singing the word ‘brave’ in his verse in this song, and put it at the end of my cover.

Trying to get the two versions to blend together was hard, and I’m sure I could do a better job now, but people are enjoying it a lot.

It surpassed 100k views in 2019 with 0 promotion, and received 20k views in 2 days after being featured as a recommended video after Adam released this:


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