Nate Ruess



Honestly I got really bored and tired for the first two bands. But the second band bass player was a girl named Lindsey Catherine. My name is Lyndsay Catherine. Then she stood next to me after and we celebrated the madness. Her bass fell during the first band and nobody did anything. They actually walked over it. 

So as soon as Nate came on my jaw dropped. Nate in real life tho. It was beyond magic. He said his friend and producer is from Buffalo. It was the last show of their tour and so he said he was super excited and forgetting about everything on earth and letting loose. And that’s just what we all did. I’ve never let myself have that much fun screaming and dancing at a concert. 

He covered the Goo Goo Dolls song Slide on improv, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, and Elton John. His voice is crazy. How can he belt like that every night and not blow out his voice? Apparently he didn’t take lessons and just sang in the car to learn. He said he was from the Empire State but he’s not so I’m confused. I also think we are both INFPs. WHICH IS RAD. I really wanted him to play Stars but that’s probably a Fun. specific song so he didn’t. But even though I didn’t know every song by heart it didn’t matter with the way he performs. He was running and jumping all over the stage without affecting his voice. I felt so gravitated and involved the entire time. The crowd was singing so loudly it was amazing. This is definitely the most fun concert I’ve been to except Owl City but apparently both of them were born in Iowa and moved away so maybe it’s an Iowa thing. There was a girl guitar player and it made my heart happy. Also a girl playing synths and other various instruments and that made me more happy. 

It was magical. It was intense. It was unreal. It was Fun.


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