Goodbye Music video filming Day #2

It was super nice out today. We started around noon since I had no school today. Also almost witnessed a motorcycle accident on the way to the park to film. A reminder of how short life is. The sun was so bright I was all like


I’m so excited the video is going to be so cool and a major upgrade from my typical weekly iPhone shot videos. (hey those are pretty rad too)  

Lots of walking with my guitar today since I remembered my guitar strap. Lots of people at the park so we had to wait around a lot to get some shots. People. 

It’s super great to work with Dan. He’s chill, quite the perfectionist (but so am when recording), and easy to work with. His best intentions are in this. He is an aspiring film director and his movie knowledge is far past anything I’ve heard of before. My list of movies I’ve seen/can remember is very weak. Music on the other hand..


Day 2 of filming Goodbye

[wpvideo NAwxYIAE] 

Joe’s behind the scenes #2