Goo Goo Dolls

My hometown heroes. They went to the high school in the same district as me. They are famous for songs like “Iris” and “Slide”. Apparently were my first concert back in 2004 on the 4th of July. I was 6 and all I remember is that is was pouring rain downtown and that I got their 2 song CD. It had “Black Balloon” and some other song on it. My mom and I would play it in the car all the time. No wonder that I’m currently realizing my songwriting and acoustic guitar playing somewhat reminds me of them! I thought my first concert was Toby Kieth or Drake Bell but I was wrong! (Drake Bell waved to me NBD).

BackstageAxxess tried to interview them earlier this month at an Autism benefit but it didn’t end up working due to them not knowing it was on camera. So today on my mom’s birthday we got to interview them. Turns out it was at the Buffalo’s creepy central terminal on the music video set for “So Alive”. It had a boxing ring set up and I got to witness them filming it. It was so cool on so many levels since I’m in a media class at school and I do a bit of production myself. as well as having many friends interested in that realm. It was also cool as an artist to see a major label video shoot happen in this dusty old town.

Their album “Boxes” comes out on May 6th. It features vocals from Sydney Sierota who is the vocalist from Echosmith. Johnny said, “she’s so focused and she’s on another level for performing at songwriting for her age at 18”. I saw Echosmith open for Owl City in 2013. I didn’t know who they were yet so I didn’t bother with meeting them but my uncle loved them and went back to the booth and got a poster signed for me. Wonder where I put it…

We asked what was the worst music video to shoot and Johnny instantly said “Long Way Down“. He said, “wouldn’t it have made more sense to spin the cameras around for 8 hours, not us and the gear???”.