Full band @ Broadway Joes 

So I was really anxious before the show but besides that:

Went out to eat in a cool 50s diner:  

 Got to the show around 5:47 and had some cool stickers:
It’s totally cozy and snug in there. The bathrooms are literally all one big chalk board. The stage seems smaller than it is. I almost walk into the hanging PA speakers everytime. 

Tested camera angle to make sure I’m in the shot ft Brady:

[wpvideo nZ8AjvA9] 
So it was really rad. It was my first time with a full band playing my songs. I’m so used to hearing them on my computer with a fake drummer and me playing all the instruments. So it was like… real! There were many lovely folks there. I recorded the entire thing and I’ll put it on YouTube + upload separate videos. 

Here’s a part of Goodbye. The mic kept cutting out which makes me cri.
[wpvideo dTJ9bs0u] 
We ended up playing a Pearl Jam song “Alive” last since we used to be in a cover band and that was the first song we learned. Also Pearl Jam fans in the audience. Most rawk indeed. 

My friends came along and it was totally awesome. I was gonna switch out guitars for the my last song because it requires a copious amount of retuning but you know I didn’t. 😎 It was my first time playing Goodbye. There’s a music video coming #thoon.

jammin yo

Blasted some Weeknd and had fun on the car ride home. 

Thanks to my band for being awesome and playing my songs with me. Thanks to Broadway Joes for having me. Thanks to Cory for booking me. Thanks to everyone who came. Thank U

is it?

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