My letter to those who want to start making their own music

Greetings newly minted audio engineer! Here are many tips to make you sound as professional as possible!

Getting started

First off, you need a DAW. (Digital Audio Workstation) Some of my recommendations include Windows Media Player, Audacity, and Window’s classic Sound Recorder.

Mac or PC? This battle should end right now. I find that producing works best on Windows XP.

You need a room with great acoustics. I would suggest renting out your local cathedral rather than adding a tedious reverb plugin.

Make sure you go out and buy the most expensive gear before you know how to use any of it!

General mixing tips

Mix as loud as possible! It’s okay to clip! Mixing at over 90db is preferable since your ears naturally start compressing for self-protection at this level so you don’t have to add any!

Record everything as close to the microphone as possible. 1-3 inches would work best.

Slow computer and can’t afford an Apple PowerBook? Many audio professionals believe you should record at a 96 kHz sample rate and use as many plugins as possible to make sure you hear every detail and overloading your CPU makes it run faster.

Can’t hear the singing? Make room for the vocals by panning the drums hard left and the rest of the instruments hard right.

Need effects? Record everything at a 1024 buffer size to make sure you have a delay so you don’t have to add it later.

Need more bass? Boost the EQ from 100Hz and below to add bass to things that are lacking it. When dropping the bass make sure it goes below 20 Hz so you can really hear and feel it.

Use autotune on all the instruments as well as the vocals so everything blends nicely.

Mixes too quiet? Turn up the master fader!

Never use a reference track; it will only hurt your self-esteem and confidence and make you question your motives.


**This is all satirical and I encourage you to do the opposite of everything I suggested

Meeting Adam Young

So, this is a riveting essay I wrote for school back in 2011 when I was 12 about meeting Adam Young. Yeah, I was a fangirl. Enjoy:


I had the privilege of meeting a top of the charts artist. The day was November 17th, 2011. The venue was the House of Blues in Cleveland Ohio. My amazing neighbors Patty and David took me to meet my idol. Adam Young. I couldn’t believe it. I was coming home from school one day when I got a text from David, “You have an appointment to meet Adam Young at 5:45 pm November 17th, 2011,” I was in shock. It wasn’t until that night that it sank in.

I didn’t know what to expect waking up that sunny morning. Never the less, the pictures I paint in my head never turn out the way reality does. I wrote a song called “Dreaming Wide Awake” the night before we drove to Cleveland. Dave and Pat picked me and my suitcase up in the car we rented for the trip. To set the mood, I brought along the record ATBAB that I was hoping to get signed to play during the car ride. Throughout the entire ride, I was thinking of things to say to Adam.

After three hours of driving, we finally arrived at the hotel. The hotel was formerly a bank, remodeled into a hotel. After getting situated, it was time for dinner. I don’t remember the restaurant we went to because I was still in shock knowing that ‘I’m meeting Adam in T-Minus 2 hours.’ Therefore, I couldn’t eat anything. I’d say it felt like the butterflies you get around your crush times 1,000,000.

T-Minus 45 minutes until 5:45. Yes, I had a countdown on my phone for the past two months ahead. Eventually, it was time to get ready to meet him, and the concert. I could not fathom the fact that it was almost time to stroll down Euclid Avenue. As we approached the venue, we saw countless anxious people lined up outside in the frigid November air accommodated with hats, blankets, and coats all in hopes to get front row. I wondered, “Wait? Where did they put all of their blankets inside? Anyways, we merrily strolled past them all with all eyes on us.

After some issues and phone calls, we got our passes and got in line for the meet and greet. We got scanned by security than were lead down a flight of stairs. It felt like a dream. Adam didn’t charge for meet and greets then, and there were only about six other people there. After all my rehearsing of what I was going to say, it thought it was going to go perfectly. I was at the front of the line until he walked out. I was shocked; I was breathless, I was wonderstruck. I clammed up and backed up to the end of the line. Eventually, it was our turn, and David stepped up and shook his hand. Then he introduced me.

“Hey I’m Dave from heard it on the X back in Buffalo,” Dave said.

“Oh, yes, hi,” Adam greeted.

“And this is Lyndsay, she sings and writes her own songs,” Dave announced as I went to shake his hand.

“Oh cool!” Adam exclaimed.

“Hi,” I said awkwardly. “I know you like Blink-182, so I got you this bracelet,”

“Oh I love Blink, thank you!” Adam said humbly.

“Are you going to wear it on stage tonight?” I asked.

“Ha, we’ll see,”

“How about some pictures?” Dave stepped in to prevent awkwardness.

“Sure!” Adam agreed graciously.

He didn’t end up wearing it, hm…

I put my arm around him, and Dave took a picture with his iPhone. It didn’t turn out too great. Then I gave him my good camera, and he took another picture. The flash didn’t go off.

“What happened?” Dave asked curiously.

“Oh, um, the flash,” I said awkwardly as I took the camera and fixed with Adam looking over shoulder. Dave took the last picture.

“Could you maybe sign this?” I asked shyly as I took out a sharpie and the All Things Bright And Beautiful CD.

“Sure,” Adam said as he already had a sharpie.

“Prepared I see,” I say as Adam chuckles adorably.

“It was nice to meet you,” Adam said as we shake hands and say our goodbyes. Then the staff had us take our places in the front row for the concert. Such a perfect night.

A couple of days after the show, I was still in shock about the event that I still could not remember what happened. Dave restated everything that happened, and I took notes. Not until now that I remember what happened. This trip will always mean a lot to me because Adam Young changed my life. So remember, anything is possible.


Hey, Adam if you’re reading this and want to meet up again because I’m no longer 12 and painfully awkward, email me.