So after my orchestra concert my mom and I wanted to get some tuna and the convenience store across the street we thought closes at 9pm so we pull up at 8:57 and apparently they were open till 10. So my mom goes in and the son of the owner (who is rad and bought my cd a few months prior) starts freaking out and goes “Oh my gosh I love your daughter’s music she’ll be famous one day is she with you?!?” and my mom’s like “ya she’s in the car…?”. So I’m chilling doing who knows what with my internet boredom and I hear a knocking on the window and I’m all confused I thought I was gonna die and I look up and there’s this excited dude who I’ve never seen before. So I roll the window down and I’m like hi and he shoves a receipt and a pen inside and I’m like what what and he’s like “your music I love it can I have your autograph??”. So me all awkwardly is like aw okay okay so I do the thing with the 🙂 and he runs back inside. 

So it made me think of when I was like 8 and people started calling me Lynz before I did music or anything and I remember someone being like “ouuuu “Lynz” I like that and that’ll be on autographs one day” and I was all 


but now I’m still like all 


So like I don’t know what that means but if I seriously made someone else that happy and excited just because of my tunes from my laptop then my job here is done. Except to eat all the tacos and all the tacos that ever was.