About me

Music is in Lynz Munich’s blood. With a deep passion for learning, a talent hard to come by, and a healthy sense of wide-eyed wonder, she graces and captivates listeners from around the globe. Coming from a family of trailblazers, Lynz’s driven attitude and creative approach to music and production sets her apart as an independent artist.

Lynz was only twelve years old when she picked up a guitar and played her first live show. Even when she was young, everyone was listening. Her unique talent and stage presence led to her teenage years being filled with performances at festivals, benefits, and charity events in her hometown of Buffalo, NY.

It wasn’t long before Lynz had taught herself the ropes of music production and recording by merely watching YouTube tutorials, inspired by the likes of Owl City. Collaborating with other creatives online, she refined her musical and production abilities throughout her teenage years. Her hard work and desire to learn ultimately landed her a full scholarship to the Grammy Foundation’s high school music camp GRAMMY Camp, where she gained further professional training in audio engineering.

In 2015, Lynz put her years of training to the test by producing her first LP. Her debut album, Dusk at Dawn, features catchy, acoustic pop songs that pull no punches. Drawing from personal struggles, feelings, and experiences, Lynz used the record to capture the emotions that make us human while still showing off her production prowess. This is most apparent on songs like Goodbye and Sleep.

The following year, Lynz’s breakout song Goodbye was featured on New York local radio. She also won the Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame’s songwriting contest with her song Enough“. It caught the attention of Robby Takac who invited her to record her Enough at the Goo Goo Dolls’ studio ‘GCR‘ in downtown Buffalo.

In 2017, Lynz said farewell to New York and hello to sunny Los Angeles, finally answering the question she posed on her song “Cali”:

“When may I see Cali?”

Here, she sharpened her skills at Westlake Studios through Cre8 Music Academy. Lynz lived in West Hollywood, now Charlottesville VA, where she produces songs for other artists (Carley Lusk’s Atmosphere, Davis Smith’s Last Goodbye, for Deflect, and enjoys the sunny ocean air, and continues to write her own fresh, original music.