The Way It Was

This monster is complete! Enjoy! Stream everywhere: :Timeline: I connected with this song while dealing with grieving the loss of a friendship and the death of my childhood pet. So when I found this song on Joseph’s computer, I finished it out asap. We started the video in August 2018 at The Bridge Recording

Waiting For You Music Video Release

hey all,   this has been a long time in the making. my friend Joshua from Buffalo just released a music video for his song Waiting For You. i started producing it with him on a trip back to Buffalo last year I believe, and yes it’s the same instrumental from my song Right Now.

Carley Lusk – Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)

Carley came over late 2 weeks ago and we tracked some things for our friend’s song, and then she’s like, “wanna do this song?”   so she got in the booth (closet) and Joseph engineered it. i played my strat live while she sang. it was my first time showcasing my lovely guitar so prominently

owl city

owl city i saw owl city on Tuesday. in Anaheim. i met the guitarist cody and goose the drummer i got a setlist my friend got a pick i was second row i think we made eye contact of hopeful recognition photo album of the show my friend Davis Smith flew in from Arkansas to

Lynz on Patreon

I’ve made my BEST FRIENDS through the internet and releasing music. I’ve been off the radar for this past year and took a break from the internet and ended up moving to Los Angeles from Buffalo New York to go to a music school, and stayed out here. Now I’m ready to start reinvesting into

My Review Of Crē•8 Music Academy

Crē•8! Let’s see. Currently, the program hosts four classes; Init•8, Activ•8, Stimul•8, And Liber•8. Initi•8 is the birth of a song, diving deep into song arrangement and energy maps of songs, where you learn how to analyze music and deepen your understanding of what you are hearing. You start to train your ears for later

Hire Me To Make Your Music On Soundbetter

Hi! I’m Lynz. I’m a multi-talented 19-year-old record producer, musician, artist, songwriter, vocalist, and mix engineer. I’ve recorded and released my first album at age 16. Since then I’ve attended Grammy Foundation’s annual music camp, (Maren Morris) and graduated from the prestigious Westlake Studio’s (Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Rihanna) commercial music production academy. A record

Launched a remote audio business

Launched a remote audio business, Anywhere— August 2017 After studying under Graham Cochrane I went ahead and started offering my mixing and production services to other artists. Offering audio mixing for $125 per song in electronic, hip hop and rock genres.   Notes Learned WordPress Learned how to establish a freelance business Learned Photoshop

Completed website for Machining Company

Built a company website, High Speed CNC San José, California— November 2016 to May 2017 I was hired to rebuild a machining companies website to bring it a modern feel and update its information. Before: After: Notes Learned Squarespace Learned how to work with a client to meet their vision Learned to solve problems in an

Recorded singer Emma Taylor

Recorded YouTube artist, Emma Taylor Buffalo NY— January 2015 A cover of Make You Feel My Love by Adele that I recorded and mixed for the YouTuber Emma Taylor. View her YouTube vlog here:   Notes Recorded in Logic Pro X Learned how to record clients Learned how to work with the client to meet

Mixed for Rapper Moshan Billups

Mixed rapper, Moshan Billups Jr. Buffalo NY— August 2016 A hip hop song I mixed for the rapper Moshan Billups Jr.’s Dreams X Wishes project. View his Soundcloud page here: Notes Mixed in Logic Pro X Learned how to mix for clients Learned how to work with the client to meet their vision

Meeting Adam Young

So, this is a riveting essay I wrote for school back in 2011 when I was 12 about meeting Adam Young. Yeah, I was a fangirl. Enjoy:   I had the privilege of meeting a top of the charts artist. The day was November 17th, 2011. The venue was the House of Blues in Cleveland

Kickstarter funded!

I thought about it. I had a voice in my head piping “make a Kickstarter!”. I ignored it. Then my cousin asked me if I’m going to make one. I said I thought about it. So I went to a website to try, and it told me I didn’t have enough fans and supporters. So