where has lynz been?






saw the ball drop in downtown buffalo, from inside of course


i dog sat for a while


i went to d.c. to meet and visit pat for the first time


saw switchfoot and relient k in rochester

performed at the buffalo science museum through the buffalo hall of fame

drove to florida in a budget truck to help the family move


went back to dc to visit pat with joseph and saw john mayer, in turn, got pat hooked on jm


joseph left early for easter and came back to buffalo, and we toured around, saw niagara falls ontario and drove to albany to see brian wilson!


performed at the hard rock cafe bmhof songwriters showcase with todd glosser

went to michigan and got straight off the bus to rehearsals to play guitar for worship at a homeschool conference before ken ham spoke


witnessed the marriage of michael and rachel schmidt

saw a gnarly car accident outside my house, nobody was injured

moved back to orchard park from west seneca

was apart of dan’s dope street filming blockade



attended sam’s high school graduation party

saw betty who with shelby and john downtown at canalside


recorded a cover of nothing holding me back by shawn mendes with todd

saw a huge tree fall on a house but everyone including the house was fine

made a cover of ed sheeran’s song perfect

joseph arrived in his new diesel whip

randomly drove to altoona pennsylvania to meet halfway with pat and film some music videos, i.e., betty who high society cover and waves

went to michigan to attend gear fest and met brandon jordan, i just mastered his album watch out for its release!

saw luke cyrus bands last public live show 💔


july: spent 4th of july with the cook family in alpena mi

drove straight from the up in michigan to manila arkansas to meet longtime internet friend davis smith. check out our song together and his new song here.

had a fantastic time exploring memphis and hanging out making music. took my profile picture at the “wonderwall.”


stayed three days then drove to buffalo. on the way back we stopped in nashville and toured around. it was my first time, and we spent about 5 hours and got to buffalo approximately at 5 am. we were blasting spongebob and splashing cold water to stay awake. don’t recommend that

patrick came to buffalo and loved it!


we went to riverworks and darien lake, eternal flame, saw dream spectrum


joseph met us in buffalo, and we toured gcr downtown


we went to toronto and then drove to michigan and began our first cross-country road trip to la

stopped at the world’s largest truck stop, i drove independence pass in colorado (!!!), had a glimpse of vegas

got to la and saw ed sheeran

met markus in santa monica and tried driving up pch1 to catch the meteor shower but failed miserably because light pollution

we went and met my brother in san francisco

he had received a free car but that all failed miserably ended up scraping it

patrick left

we drove up to boise idaho to catch the solar eclipse

saw the painted ladies in alamo square

got to see adam’s dragon gloves and go jet skiing


drove back cross country and went a more northern route, stopped at wall drug south carolina, went up through minnesota, stayed in owatonna and met a sweet bird, went to the mall of america while it was open, stopped at chicago music exchange

joked around with joseph about seeing if bleachers will ever tour because we recently became obsessed with jack’s music and saw that the first show of his tour started in buffalo the day we get back !!!

so we saw bleachers

i performed at music is art and played electric for my first show with joseph jimi brady and todd

joseph left

kathryn gave me lessons in manual car driving

took an apple photo walk class and was the only one there

volunteered at farm aid and saw dave matthews and willie nelson and neil young

got close to carrots

went boating with david lee


left for a whole new adventure…


joseph came from alpena to buffalo

packed our things and left for california to attend cre8 music academy through westlake studios. a pop music boot camp essentially

left a few days early to have more time to explore

went a southern route, went down through nashville and down through alabama louisiana and texas

had bbq in dallas

we met an online friend christopher bryant in fort worth. apparently, texas is more than sand and cowboys! there are people and stuff!

stopped at a sweet music shop and ended up staying a long time talking to a southern gentleman about his whole history and scooped a sweet humbucker strat and an akai keyboard. we already had 0 room in this poor car

driving along at 80 in texas and suddenly my foot went to the floor… the check engine light appeared.. and i couldn’t go over 60…
well come to find out a significant air intake hose popped, and we lost substantial acceleration power


spent a night in amarillo texas, met an awesome-fiddle-playing-trailblazing first female dentist in the texas panhandle lady, assumed we were getting ripped off at the dealer, taped up the wrong hose and drove on

drove 16+ hours from amarillo texas to los angeles in one day and arrived at 4 am. our cre8 classes started that same day, thankfully later in the day. at times i wasn’t sure if the car could go past 15 mph. fortunately the route was pretty flat. we drove with hazards the whole time.



began cre8 and hung out with and met a lot of new friends, went to the beach, embraced the 100+ degree weather

i spent about 8 hours at the school every day. it was incredible

saw a fire hydrant explode lol

while looking for permanent housing we saw a friend was in phoenix to see the killers, so on a whim, we drove 6 hours there and made it see them!

also finished the cre8 courses this same month and got to tour westlake studios. i.e., michael jackson bad album


attended the taxi road rally and that was the bomb! jason blume had terrific songwriting presentations, and i got his books signed


got hired to mix and finish producing an ep and spent about 16 hours just on vocals

the next three weeks were entirely consumed in making these mixes as great as possible. i tackled pro tools and learned to love it


went up to sf for a week and saw nothing but rain the entire time…

came back and officially moved to la

stumbled upon the infamous burbank ikea

played a show on sunset strip

checked out hillsong la



tracked guitars for a special davis smith ep

bonded with synthesizers more, i.e., minimoog model d

went to the holocaust museum

checked out amoeba records.. it is an enormous warehouse full of posters and music of all kinds

flew to buffalo for the holidays and am catching up with friends right now!

cheers to 2018!




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