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Consumption Versus Creation


Reflecting on the past few years, I’m noticing something. I’ve created a few things. But a majority of my time was spent on consuming things. I wouldn’t say what I consumed was harmful or lowering my consciousness in any way, but I definitely did not implement anything or take action from what I was passively consuming. Or unconsciously consuming out of laziness. It made me feel like I was doing something useful.

I bought my Mac in 2013 with the intention of getting it to create with. A tool to produce and add value to this world. And all I can really think is all the time and countless hours I spent on it was just consuming. Consuming the internet. Other people’s lives. Vicariously living through others.  I saw a quote somewhere that went something like,”technology wasn’t meant to be consumed, but was meant to be created and wielded.”

I just watched a video about this topic as well. It asks every night before bed, calculate a net output for your daily consumption v.s. creation. I definitely fall on the side of consumption. I realize how important creation is, of any sorts. And I also do realize how hard it is. It’s so much easier to just surf the internet or turn on the television than to make anything meaningful, or make anything at all.

Expectations and failure loom overhead. We just can’t seem to silence the inner turmoil. And when you start to work on something, it just seems to scream louder. But maybe there’s a tipping point, maybe if you create enough, and blow past all the inner demons, that maybe constant creation will have a positive net effect on your life, as opposed to living reactively and passively.

I just had a flashback to when I would sit in the basement of my parent’s house and type on a keyboard that wasn’t plugged into anything. It reminds me of what I’m doing now, typing with my Mac screen dimmed all the way.

It’s much easier to visualize all the perceived benefits  and rewards of making your future masterpiece. But idly daydreaming does not perpetuate you anywhere. I don’t even really know why I’m writing this blog other than that I cannot keep doing nothing and hiding from myself in denial. I can’t keep unconsciously consuming and be pulling myself farther away from myself, blotting out what my soul is crying out for me to do. It doesn’t matter what I’m creating, as long as I’m creating something. I have read countless books on self-help and one was called the War Of Art. It’s an entire book on the resistance you feel to producing anything at all, and Steven talks about how this resistance is the problem that causes much melodrama in people’s lives, and how they will do anything to blot out their calling. He says the hard part isn’t writing, the hard part is sitting down to write. I can relate because I’ve been dreaming about the rewards of writing songs for years since I was 12. But I definitely have not written that many songs.  One must let go of the outcome and just create like your life depends on it. Because it does.


This society really all is just based on creating value for other’s lives. Which time is exchanged for money, or time upfront is spent creating products which can be sold passively for larger amounts of money. The entire economy is based on creating value. Yet we’ve been programmed to be “good consumers”. The video mentions that we know intellectually that going to the mall and buying something new won’t make us happier per say, that we know that searching externally won’t make us happier, but it’s definitely something we all unconsciously participate in! When on the other hand, creation is using everything you’ve consumed inside and digging deep and making something new, while discovering things you might’ve not noticed before, and ultimately changing your life for the better. I read an article on consuming consciously recently. A point in it mentioned somebody who after every chapter in a book they read, they write a one-page summary of what they read. That results in 50% more retainability. Even listening to music passively is easier than creating music itself. Just about anything is easier than creating. But all in all, creating is a habit that can be cultivated. And currently, I’ve established habits of running away from creating, or maybe creating once in an awhile, and dreaming about it for the rest of the time. But I scheduled the time to create and write today with my friend, and that’ll result in having an accountability partner.

Don’t wait around for the future, create the future. Or else someone will hire you to help create theirs. Don’t let your ego rule the show, fantasizing about all the work you’ll do and all the benefits that will come with it. That’ll never happen, stop daydreaming and start doing. It’s not soulless, it’s soul mending. Silencing the inner turmoil and creating.

So is your technology tools for consumption or creation? For a while I was blaming my Mac and my iPhone for being distractions and time wasters, when in reality, I was choosing to waste my time on them when I have all the resources in the world to create my life by producing whatever I really want to, and sharing it with the world. I had it backward and just listened to my inner demons pulling me away from lining me up with creation. Are we here to consume or create?

Do you want to look back in several years and go, “wow, look at everything I created!” or go, “well it is all sort of a fog, I don’t remember anything really, and I have nothing to show for it. I just consumed whatever was passing, ultimately that somebody else created”.

Your choice.



The Goo Goo Dolls

Hey guys! The Goo Goo Dolls are from my hometown of Buffalo NY and so they’re my hometown heros. You probably know their song “Iris”. They were my first concert when I was 6 in 2004. I got to meet them when they were filming for a music video in a secret location for their new album “Boxes” that came out yesterday. It has Sydney from Echosmith on it so check it out. Here’s my cover of their famous song “Name”.



There were 2 female boxers there, and the idea was that one was fighting it’s alter ego, so they both had their hair dyed red. They were from UB college and one day they got a call that The Goo Goo Dolls were looking for female boxers for a music video, so why not!

It was so cool to see professional video equipment, as well as a major label music video shoot, especially guys from my hometown. The train station used to be a major place of transport, similar to the Grand Central Terminal in New York City. My grandma was just telling me stories about how the family would reunite at this terminal and take trains everywhere. I really want to take Amtrak somewhere. How much dreamier would that be than to just see highways and miss many spectacular views. Now this terminal is abandoned and pretty spooky. I was standing on the opposite site of where the camera angles were, and the only part of filming I got to see was them singing in the boxing ring.

This is the interview we got to do with them. I run the camera and edit the interviews.


I also got to meet them again at a private V.I.P. event a few days later, where they did an acoustic set!




derp herp derp lol me



So yeah! Hometown heroes for the win.

Internet Bias And Conventional Wisdom

I’d like to share with you something I’ve realized when traveling which relates to mostly everything. How often do you research something on the internet only to find more scary and negative reviews of something than the positive or average reviews? When’s the last time you left a review on a forum about a place you went to when you had an average/ordinary time? And how likely are you to boast about it on the internet if you’ve had a terrible/bad experience? Probably way more likely. And this is what will probably show up and misrepresent the truths and realities about things if you want nonfact based information online.

My first encounter with this is when I wanted to know if I could bring my acoustic guitar on the plane. Immediately I found people warning about bad experiences, aka

United Breaks Guitars

So I decided to go forward with it and bring my guitar cross country on Southwest and do the opposite of what everybody told me to do, such as:

  • Use a soft case/gig bag for my acoustic (instead of a hard protective case)
  • Bring my guitar as a carry on (instead of checked baggage or buying a seat for it-???)
  • Bring the most expensive guitar I own (As opposed to playing it safe and bring a cheap one just in case)
  • Kept the strings tuned as normal (Instead of tuning them down so they don’t pop)
  • Act normally and as if nothing is odd about the situation (Instead of being timid and asking everybody what they think  about it and ask security many questions)

And guess what happened?

Absolutely nothing.

Nobody asked about it, nobody cared. All I did was place my guitar in the overhead and watched out for people who looked like they might throw a suitcase on top, which nobody did anyways. So I flew all the way from NY to LA and back without a single word.


So did I run to the internet and tell everybody all about this marvelous experience? Guiltily I did not, which shows that average experiences don’t push you to write a lot about them online, which would people way more anyways. But say if something bad did happen then I sure would have jumped on here and ran my mouth.

So for something even trickier that nobody seemed to have attempted while researching online was to bring a full size 88 key keyboard/midi controller as a carry on. While in California my brother decided to give me a full size keyboard since he got a new one, and trying to ship it would cost more than the piano itself. So at my best attempt at avoiding conventional wisdom which would have screamed “You got away with the guitar which is 46 inches long, don’t even try this! It’s 20 pounds and 54 inches long!”, I decided to try.


It’s really long and heavy.

I couldn’t find overhead dimensions for planes online, I could only find recommend carry on size dimensions. And since I had a layover the plane type can change, so I decided to call Southwest and ask the sizes of the overhead bins for the flights I would be on.

One was 74 inches and the other was 56″. I believe my piano is 54″. (Out of laziness, I googled the measurements online for the keyboard and it told me it was 19 inches. It didn’t register at first that my Mac screen is 13 inches. It was so wrong it was laughable.)

I decided to try it, and if TSA said no, and I mean many many nos, then I could just leave it in SF with my brother and he could come pick it up. But I wasn’t gonna let that happen.

So my brother dropped me off and I had my suitcase, my REALLY REALLY heavy carry on bag with my Macbook Pro in it (note: that bag left actual marks in my arms from carrying it + the piano. Was actually cutting off circulation. #Dedicated musician), and the piano. I was set!

I placed all my stuff by the outside baggage check in desk and gave him my checked bag. The guy did seem like a character but he didn’t seem to notice my elongated keyboard, (but I did kind of leave it out of direct sight..) Oh well. After that, I literally went right to security and it felt like nobody at security felt like they had the authority to tell anyone what you can and can’t bring on the plane (outside of the requirements and the obvious things), since you already passed the  baggage check-as if it would have already taken care of any issues. So one guard kind of chuckled and said laughably “you gonna sing for us”? It was the disbelief and shaking head tone that isn’t really authoritative and more of like “Lol u funny kid bye”. And so I totally had to mention the night before I sang on TV in San Francisco to be friendly and take the attention away from the monsterous contraption in my hands. But all I had to do was place my carryon bag and my keyboard on the scanner that that was that. After you get to the gate it seems like if anybody did think it was odd, they just assumed that if it was a problem that someone in the chain ahead of them would have said something. (Just like security) I also didn’t have the keyboard in a case at all. A case would have been the same price as the keyboard anyways.

Lynz on West Coast Songwriters

Ticket check-in/ boarding said nothing, and nobody said anything in line. Life tip: nobody really cares what you are doing.

Screenshot 2016-03-19 00.32.41

Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think (AMAZING BLOG HERE!!!!!!!!!)

The piano slid right into the overhead with tons of room! Nobody had to share the compartment on my first flight. I totally nailed it.

After the first flight, carrying it around the airport and trying to be as nonchalant as possible (which gets you far when doing unconventional things) was pretty hard but I pulled it off. My arms got really tired, so I held up one side and dragged the other half on the ground around Las Vegas airport. That airport required me to walk way longer than I would’ve liked carrying all these HEAVY THINGS!!!!  I only once considered asking for a ride from the car that drives people around the airport, but that would have raised questions as well as suspicion. I toughed it out.


But the flight attendants had some words with me on the second flight. The second flight was supposed to be the bigger plane, the 72″ overheads, the complete space dreaminess. It totally wasn’t. It was smaller than the first. But it still fit! The two attendants saw the piano half sticking out of the bin (which I did  on purpose to alert people to, you know, not crush it with their bags) and they then approached me.

“So you do know we’re gonna have to throw this out the window, right?”

“Well they obviously let her on with it this far so why not..” (Againnnn…)

With some clever negotiation I didn’t know I had and some compromise I suggested I just set the piano on its thin side and slide it to the back of the bin to free up more room to in turn share the compartment with others and they were satisfied and left my life forever.

Nailed it.

Upon arrival and dragging it across the Buffalo Airport in total disbelief as well as reinforcing the idea that not listening to conventional wisdom works way better than many would think, I knew I had to get a photo to commemorate this achievement.


After I went to get a fast food taco that I normally get in Buffalo. But after having 2 weeks of real Mexican food in California to then  come back to the fakey fake, I got sick and it tasted really plain, but that’s another post.


Moral of the story: Consider the opinion bias of sources and their motivations and do that opposite of what everybody tells you to do.

Screenshot 2016-03-19 00.43.33

I’m back pals

  Inspired me to come back to this blog!
 [wpvideo BKyaYK4c] 
A song that I released solo but also made into a duet with my friend Paper Messages/ Orange a few months ago but it kind of got shelved and now I’m reviving it. Stayed up late video chatting with my friend Pat from my song Dream and it reminded me to finish it. 


   Hung out with my friend Luca yesterday at Niagara Falls. He’s a Twitter friend from Italy!! The Internet has made it so location doesn’t even matter anymore. We had so much to talk about with music and owl city and beautiful acapellas and ghosts in New Zealand that I had a hamburger. We showed up at the observation deck at 4:29 and it closed at 4:30 and they let us on it. Too bad they need an observation deck to get a good view on the buffalo side. 
I posted the goodbye instrumental because it’s a year old now on soundcloud along with the the stems and now lots of people are remixing it and it’s gonna be badass. 

So go remix it: 

Already got one 

Accidentally posted it as instrurmental and had to fix the spelling at first!

Also I’m redoing the vocals for this song and hopefully release it again. It’s a song me and my friend Sentrik whom I met a grammy camp made a few months ago. But I feel my skill level is past where it was from then so I want to redo it. 😎🎧🎧🎧


I uploaded this randomly for fun after being off soundcloud for awhile and it’s got over 500 plays and all this love and I just wanna thank you 🎈🎈🎼🎼🎧🎧❤️❤️🎉🎉😝😝
This post is so random whatever 
Met William fichtner and he’s from buffalo. He’s in big movies and voiced mw3 

Waited in tal Wilkenfelds dressing room for 3 hours 

Nate Ruess



Honestly I got really bored and tired for the first two bands. But the second band bass player was a girl named Lindsey Catherine. My name is Lyndsay Catherine. Then she stood next to me after and we celebrated the madness. Her bass fell during the first band and nobody did anything. They actually walked over it. 

So as soon as Nate came on my jaw dropped. Nate in real life tho. It was beyond magic. He said his friend and producer is from Buffalo. It was the last show of their tour and so he said he was super excited and forgetting about everything on earth and letting loose. And that’s just what we all did. I’ve never let myself have that much fun screaming and dancing at a concert. 

He covered the Goo Goo Dolls song Slide on improv, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, and Elton John. His voice is crazy. How can he belt like that every night and not blow out his voice? Apparently he didn’t take lessons and just sang in the car to learn. He said he was from the Empire State but he’s not so I’m confused. I also think we are both INFPs. WHICH IS RAD. I really wanted him to play Stars but that’s probably a Fun. specific song so he didn’t. But even though I didn’t know every song by heart it didn’t matter with the way he performs. He was running and jumping all over the stage without affecting his voice. I felt so gravitated and involved the entire time. The crowd was singing so loudly it was amazing. This is definitely the most fun concert I’ve been to except Owl City but apparently both of them were born in Iowa and moved away so maybe it’s an Iowa thing. There was a girl guitar player and it made my heart happy. Also a girl playing synths and other various instruments and that made me more happy. 

It was magical. It was intense. It was unreal. It was Fun.


Stevie Wonder

It was so rad. It was so different than any concert I’ve been to. He was so chill. Apparently if you play after 11 at the First Niagara arena you have to pay the stage crew 1,000 every minute you play past 11. He played from 8-12:05. Dude that’s like $65,000!!! Instead of just introducing the background singers he let them all sing a song to show off and it made me cry they were so good. He said if we get music back in Buffalo schools he’ll come play a concert to celebrate. I left around 11:30 because I was about to pass out I was so tired. The talent was off the chain. 

Full band @ Broadway Joes 

So I was really anxious before the show but besides that:

Went out to eat in a cool 50s diner:  

 Got to the show around 5:47 and had some cool stickers:
It’s totally cozy and snug in there. The bathrooms are literally all one big chalk board. The stage seems smaller than it is. I almost walk into the hanging PA speakers everytime. 

Tested camera angle to make sure I’m in the shot ft Brady:

[wpvideo nZ8AjvA9] 
So it was really rad. It was my first time with a full band playing my songs. I’m so used to hearing them on my computer with a fake drummer and me playing all the instruments. So it was like… real! There were many lovely folks there. I recorded the entire thing and I’ll put it on YouTube + upload separate videos. 

Here’s a part of Goodbye. The mic kept cutting out which makes me cri.
[wpvideo dTJ9bs0u] 
We ended up playing a Pearl Jam song “Alive” last since we used to be in a cover band and that was the first song we learned. Also Pearl Jam fans in the audience. Most rawk indeed. 

My friends came along and it was totally awesome. I was gonna switch out guitars for the my last song because it requires a copious amount of retuning but you know I didn’t. 😎 It was my first time playing Goodbye. There’s a music video coming #thoon.

jammin yo

Blasted some Weeknd and had fun on the car ride home. 

Thanks to my band for being awesome and playing my songs with me. Thanks to Broadway Joes for having me. Thanks to Cory for booking me. Thanks to everyone who came. Thank U

is it?

Last talent show

My last talent show at west was tonight! I opened it up with the Ed Sheeran Don’t Loyal No Diggity and Nina mashup. Was pretty lit. At the part where Ed says “listening to Stevie Wonder” I continued “he’s coming next Thursday and I’m gonna be there” and followed along. 

 [wpvideo lNz09WjP] 

Was pretty lit. Initially I wasn’t gonna do the entire thing but you know senyor year doe. Don’t know how many times I’m going to say was pretty lit but that constitutes as the third time. 

Also my great pal Brittney #XOTWOD and I sang a mashup of The Hills and Often that I put together right before our audition. 

   Last year we sang Belong To The World by The Weeknd and we put it together the day before. Senior slackin’ A teacher walked in last year as we were finishing the video. lOl


[wpvideo EKjk5q5B]
 We sat on the edge of the stage. Pretty chill. She massaged my hand backstage beforehand since today my left wrist has been cramped up. 

The other acts were super cool there was awesome dancing and singing and people. Y’all rock. Thanks for multiple years of fun. Love and miss y’all. Let’s make an after school jam lab session instead of us creeping in the hallways that nobody goes in so we can practice. 

Creative recovery: Week 1

So on a blog post on www.mpquicktips.com (super cool quick music tips of all sorts) he posted 5 books that will change your life so I went and bought them all. The Artist’s way is a creative recovery/discovery 12 week course dedicated to crumbling your fears, negative beliefs about yourself and being creative and really taking care of yourself so far. Only on week 1. I would always waste time googling getting over writers block. Nothing really helped stop all the negative thoughts and fears I have about sitting down to write. It’s like I have my creative expression vehicle but then I block it by overthinking it and now it’s a mess. My album Dusk At Dawn was probably more than half written when I was 12/13. I’m 16 now and never feel like I write enough. I wrote a lot of it I say “before I even had feelings”. I thought “ew feelings water those” so I like committed to not writing about them. So when I started getting them I stunted my possibility of expressing them. I’m also looking at my public schooling and finding tons of negative beliefs instilled in me from there. It’s like I have this force to go write but then all these doubts and fears pop up and drag me away so I compulsively check my phone and distract myself from this overwhelming urge to create something and yeah. I want creative freedom. Although there’s no black and white reason preventing me, no labels, no millions of people expecting me not to change or anything, just my little ol selfie. 

So regarding the book it’s having me “time travel and look at where the fear may have came from. It also has me wake up 30 minutes early every morning and write 3 pages in my journal of everything. Most of it is negative anxious thoughts but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m writing past my fear of it. This is a quote from “The War Of Art” book by Steven Pressfield by my bed. Also pretty rad-ical book. 


Aside from the morning pages I have to take myself out on a weekly “artist date”. The author speaks of it being as like spending quality time with your partner in a bad relationship. Aka you tend to not to. Hence I can’t bring anybody or sit on my phone during the date. Just me and myself. 

 So this Friday I went to see the Martain by myself at the movies. It was fun to tell people I had a date on Friday night. I said it’s with “Mmmmmmmmmmm—–“. As if M was the start of a name. But it’s MYSELF! I don’t get the stigma over going to the movies by yourself. It’s treated like a sign of loneliness or something. But naw I really just want to see a movie. What’s the difference between that or Netflix? I even dressed up for myself and everything.


 I also mailed myself a letter. The letter was to be spoken in the voice of your little 4 year old artistic self while you were tainted by being treated like a baby Doctor instead of a baby artist. It should come in the mail in this coming week. My date with myself this week is *gasp* dinner by myself. HOW YA LIKE THEM APPLES?

Also working with positive affirmations so when my mind tends to go to thinking about other people and what they want for me and all that hoopla I just repeat some positive affirmations and do my fitness blender workouts. Also trying to treat myself better. Aka getting enough sleep and working out. Pretty gnarly stuff. Also trying to monitor my cell phone and internet usage of Internet boredom. Nothing beats being so bored that you start writing or drawing. Internet takes that away from me. Week 2 starts Thursday. This blogging thing is a good way to keep track of my progress. I also made a binder for my “course papers”. Most important class of my life. 

Creativity is play. Let yourself play. Go watch some cartoons and make up stories for everybody that walks by. 

Rekindling childhood hobbies because they made me happy and I didn’t care what anybody thought of me.