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Full band @ Broadway Joesย 

So I was really anxious before the show but besides that:

Went out to eat in a cool 50s diner:  

 Got to the show around 5:47 and had some cool stickers:
It’s totally cozy and snug in there. The bathrooms are literally all one big chalk board. The stage seems smaller than it is. I almost walk into the hanging PA speakers everytime. 

Tested camera angle to make sure I’m in the shot ft Brady:

[wpvideo nZ8AjvA9] 
So it was really rad. It was my first time with a full band playing my songs. I’m so used to hearing them on my computer with a fake drummer and me playing all the instruments. So it was like… real! There were many lovely folks there. I recorded the entire thing and I’ll put it on YouTube + upload separate videos. 

Here’s a part of Goodbye. The mic kept cutting out which makes me cri.
[wpvideo dTJ9bs0u] 
We ended up playing a Pearl Jam song “Alive” last since we used to be in a cover band and that was the first song we learned. Also Pearl Jam fans in the audience. Most rawk indeed. 

My friends came along and it was totally awesome. I was gonna switch out guitars for the my last song because it requires a copious amount of retuning but you know I didn’t. ๐Ÿ˜Ž It was my first time playing Goodbye. There’s a music video coming #thoon.

jammin yo

Blasted some Weeknd and had fun on the car ride home. 

Thanks to my band for being awesome and playing my songs with me. Thanks to Broadway Joes for having me. Thanks to Cory for booking me. Thanks to everyone who came. Thank U

is it?

Last talent show

My last talent show at west was tonight! I opened it up with the Ed Sheeran Don’t Loyal No Diggity and Nina mashup. Was pretty lit. At the part where Ed says “listening to Stevie Wonder” I continued “he’s coming next Thursday and I’m gonna be there” and followed along. 

 [wpvideo lNz09WjP] 

Was pretty lit. Initially I wasn’t gonna do the entire thing but you know senyor year doe. Don’t know how many times I’m going to say was pretty lit but that constitutes as the third time. 

Also my great pal Brittney #XOTWOD and I sang a mashup of The Hills and Often that I put together right before our audition. 

   Last year we sang Belong To The World by The Weeknd and we put it together the day before. Senior slackin’ A teacher walked in last year as we were finishing the video. lOl


[wpvideo EKjk5q5B]
 We sat on the edge of the stage. Pretty chill. She massaged my hand backstage beforehand since today my left wrist has been cramped up. 

The other acts were super cool there was awesome dancing and singing and people. Y’all rock. Thanks for multiple years of fun. Love and miss y’all. Let’s make an after school jam lab session instead of us creeping in the hallways that nobody goes in so we can practice. 


So after my orchestra concert my mom and I wanted to get some tuna and the convenience store across the street we thought closes at 9pm so we pull up at 8:57 and apparently they were open till 10. So my mom goes in and the son of the owner (who is rad and bought my cd a few months prior) starts freaking out and goes “Oh my gosh I love your daughter’s music she’ll be famous one day is she with you?!?” and my mom’s like “ya she’s in the car…?”. So I’m chilling doing who knows what with my internet boredom and I hear a knocking on the window and I’m all confused I thought I was gonna die and I look up and there’s this excited dude who I’ve never seen before. So I roll the window down and I’m like hi and he shoves a receipt and a pen inside and I’m like what what and he’s like “your music I love it can I have your autograph??”. So me all awkwardly is like aw okay okay so I do the thing with the ๐Ÿ™‚ and he runs back inside. 

So it made me think of when I was like 8 and people started calling me Lynz before I did music or anything and I remember someone being like “ouuuu “Lynz” I like that and that’ll be on autographs one day” and I was all 


but now I’m still like all 


So like I don’t know what that means but if I seriously made someone else that happy and excited just because of my tunes from my laptop then my job here is done. Except to eat all the tacos and all the tacos that ever was. 

fri sep 18th

broadway joes

carousel kings

supply the food .& ill come play on ur lawn

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i keep getting deja vu on the way to gigs. i don’t know why. just in the passenger seat, something about them seats man?

i went on second. i did the same set as my last show. the monitors were so loud that i thought i was gonna explode. i felt like i didn’t know what to say in between songs this time but it was all good!

“i could tell that you’re well trained!” whale, thank!

i felt bad for this one band! the guy broke a string a song into their set and he stopped and changed the string! then the drummer was trying to talk and he mentioned me and was like hey! i liked your cover better than the original! aye aye thank thank!

so after he commendable changed the string with such speed he got back into it and a few songs later another string broke and he decided to stop and get off stage. i felt bad. i haven’t broken a string yet thankfully. *knocks on wood*

mosquito bites.

my friend stood outside because it was loud. earplugs, mate!

practicing in your room and singing up on stage are two different feelings! imagine that! i wouldn’t practice witha microphone in my room and then i’d get up on stage and have to stay super still because i wouldn’t be used to singing with the microphone! awkward.

the main band was awesome. i got to stay the whole time this time! my dad stuck around for some heavy stuff but he enjoyed it. super hard chairs though. my friend from grammy camp interns for the label that the main band is on and wanted to come but buffalo is like 2 hours from her so she didn’t get to. *sighs into sunset*

they were jumping around so much as if nobody was there and the stage was so small. i was like afraid to set on my chord and they’re doing that!

well from this gig i learned that just getting into your thing like nobody iss watching is amazing. word of mouth is where it’s at and lots of songs are great.

weds august 19th 2015 mohawk place the stolen

weds august 19th 2015
mohawk place
the stolen

this is our time!

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Cali. #duskatdawn #mohawkplace

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i got there while everybody was loading in. i had to sell tickets but in reality i don’t know how to sell tickets so my mom bought some so i wouldn’t feel bad. i was going on first and the doors opened at 7 on tickets but i was scheduled to go on at 6:30. i thought it was a bit strange and i told the nice sound guy and he said i could go on at 7 which was rad. i wasn’t just playing to the crickets under the stairs.
i got this gig through math class. okay okay i got it in math class. my math substitute teacher knew some folks and yeah! got me a show maties!
i had a 30 minute set. so a few minutes before 7 i kept checking my phone to make sure i got on exactly at 7. i felt the nerves. i’d been working on staying out of my head and not worrying, but just being present in the moment and feeling the music. not worrying about what the folks in the back are thinking about or what they had for breakfast or what compelled their being to be in this vicinity. the performance went really great, in my opinion it was my best show. i felt like i was floating. i wasn’t worried about anything and i was just doing my thing! the way it should be! the crowd response was great and i couldn’t see anybody the way the lights were and that was probably a great thing for me since i couldn’t look at them and wonder all that.
i’ve been closing my sets with ed sheeran’s don’t mashup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf51-0n5T5M

it only took me a day to really learn. magical.

*sees singer songwriter chick looping it up*
*starts fast rapping about money and women*
“woh rad!”

it’s different! i like.
so after the show i met the other bands and all the congrats.. oh you great folk. it was my first show (technically first show where i had to sell tickets but you know how it goes). made some friends with the folks and only could stay for the band after me because my mom made me leave early because she had to work the next day. what is this? i felt horrible. the joys of being 16! well, i bet you guys did great!

lesson learned: get out of your head on stage + be present