Now offering services on Soundbetter  Let me turn your pop, electronic, or hip-hop recordings into radio-ready songs! Ever listen to the radio and wonder why your records don’t sound as professional as theirs? Here’s why. The truth is, production quality could make or break deals, whether it’s a record deal, songwriting collaborations, management representation, licensing opportunities or

Launched a remote audio business

Launched a remote audio business, Anywhere— August 2017 After studying under Graham Cochrane I went ahead and started offering my mixing and production services to other artists. Offering audio mixing for $125 per song in electronic, hip hop and rock genres.   Notes Learned WordPress Learned how to establish a freelance business Learned Photoshop

Recorded singer Emma Taylor

Recorded YouTube artist, Emma Taylor Buffalo NY— January 2015 A cover of Make You Feel My Love by Adele that I recorded and mixed for the YouTuber Emma Taylor. View her YouTube vlog here:   Notes Recorded in Logic Pro X Learned how to record clients Learned how to work with the client to meet

Mixed for Rapper Moshan Billups

Mixed rapper, Moshan Billups Jr. Buffalo NY— August 2016 A hip hop song I mixed for the rapper Moshan Billups Jr.’s Dreams X Wishes project. View his Soundcloud page here: Notes Mixed in Logic Pro X Learned how to mix for clients Learned how to work with the client to meet their vision

Dusk At Dawn

  Production stories: Well, my cat. My cat sneezes a lot. Like, a whole lot. When we got her as a kitten (after she ran away for 18 days a few weeks after we got her, whole other story) I would count how many times she would sneeze in a row. It’s like Olympic sneezing.