Super inspiring books right here. Steal Like An Artist teaches me how to look at the world as inspiration instead of running away from it. All of the things I once overlooked and took for granted can all be borrowed for my work. Show Your Work is great as well! It is about just sharing the process of making your work as well as the final outcomes to connect with an audience that will be attracted to you and your thoughts and ideas. All because you’re sharing them! Totally inspired me to start a blog. A lot of it I’m suprised I already do, I’ve already been sharing bits of my work and too many cat photos on instagram to generate an audience of you lovely people. Laughing at our social lives and all. I share things all the time, my studio equipment, things that inspire me, bad puns and things that help me out. I love sharing and creating. The journal has lots of creative prompts that force you to look around you to look around you in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise done. I do at least one prompt a day. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.