Dear Adam Young,

 I found your work back when I was in sixth grade and it turned my world upside down. I remember hearing fireflies on the bus to school and hurrying home to listen to more. I remember laying in my mom’s bed with her old dumpy laptop listening to panda bear specifically and I just kept devouring more and more. I remember when I had a secret Facebook I liked the sky sailing page right when you were releasing an airplane carried me to bed in 2010. I remember listening to blue and red in my new apartment (after my parents divorced and we moved out) as I was looking at the window watching the snowfall. I remember googling pictures of you for the first time. That red plaid. I remember staying up all night on tiny chat with you on Easter in 2011. I remember learning alligator sky on my acoustic guitar and it was the first song I learned. I remember performing it the next day. I swear I thought I was floating. It’s on YouTube somewhere.. I remember pretending to play sky sailing and honey and the bee but it was way too hard for me at the time. I remember my cousin and I were dancing to all things bright and beautiful in her basement blasting it through my bass amp and I tweeted you and you replied “HAHAHA that makes me happy” in August 2011. I remember we screamed and ran upstairs to show the family and they had to go on the computer to validate the excitement. I remember looping vanilla twilight 1 million times when I was staying in Florida. I remember scootering around to it around the block because it felt so magical. I remember going to a new school making sure everybody there was more than well aware that I loved Owl City. Trust me. I “remember” meeting you. I say remember in quotes because  I was so shocked that I forgot everything that happened until a year later. My uncle told me everything that happened so I could write it down to jog my memory. I remember I was at the front of the meet and greet line. I remember you walked out in the red plaid and were totally taller than I thought (which is a good thing). I remember I fell to the back of the line due to my overwhelming shyness. I remember we talked the longest out of everybody.  I remember I gave you blink 182 bracelet and you said you might wear it on stage but you didn’t. It’s OK. I remember I asked you if you needed a sharpie to sign my CD but you already had one and I said “prepared I see?” and it was totally dorky. I remember my uncle telling you about how I just started writing songs and I was totally embarrassed but you loved it. I remember the flash didn’t go off on my camera when we wanted to take a picture and you started laughing as we still had our arms around each other and my uncle came to show us the picture and you laughed and agreed to another one. I remember your smile. I remember shaking your hand and then you walked backstage I was like “what just happened”. I remember making it my wallpaper as soon as possible   I remember I had a count down on my phone and everything. 5:45 PM 11/17/11. I remember how chilly it was outside. I remember it was the best first concert of my life.  I remember showing everyone around me in the audience the photo of us. I remember looking out the window on the 2 1/2 hour car ride there thinking I’m gonna have met Adam Young by the time I leave! Mind blowing. I remember going to see your concerts in Toronto in 2012. I remember meeting friends there. I remember the kick drum at one of them was so loud I thought my head would fall off. I remember the Midsummer Station concert in 2013 in Buffalo. My friend and I wanted to meet you by your bus before the show and we swore we saw you walk by but we were too far away and too shy to do anything. Oh well. I remember I tried to get you my CD. Hopefully you didn’t because it was really bad. I remember we left at like 10:30 PM after the concert and you came out at like 11. I remember I was so nervous to meet you that I couldn’t eat my salad. I remember the sign said OWL ITY. I remember you posted a photo of Buffalo New York on Instagram and I lost my mind why would you be here? I remember I told my uncle and we drove downtown to go creep. We went in the hotel lobby that we thought you were probably in and we ate there. I remember my friend had a friend who worked at Best Buy and cashed you out while you were here and you got a Serius XM radio. I remember you were sick and missed the Toronto show so you stayed in Buffalo because it’s cheaper. I remember I tweeted you “can i moonsault your esophagus” and you replied “only I moonsault esophagi”.  I remember the times the tumblr universe went crazy because we thought you might have had a tumblr.  John Wayne pizza party. I remember in a Q&A and you said my face inspired Ultraviolet. My friend asked you how old you were when you started writing songs and you said -6. I remember I was working on my song called Goodbye and then you posted a song called Goodbye on Soundcloud at the same time and I lost my mind. I remember you blocked my friend on Instagram. It was totally awesome. I remember how happy and alive you made me feel. I remember how you changed my life. I remember how invincible and safe you made me feel. I remember how you somehow you slid out of my life and how depressed I got. I remember you.