fri sep 18th

broadway joes

carousel kings

i keep getting deja vu on the way to gigs. i don’t know why. just in the passenger seat, something about them seats man?

i went on second. i did the same set as my last show. the monitors were so loud that i thought i was gonna explode. i felt like i didn’t know what to say in between songs this time but it was all good!

“i could tell that you’re well trained!” whale, thank!

i felt bad for this one band! the guy broke a string a song into their set and he stopped and changed the string! then the drummer was trying to talk and he mentioned me and was like hey! i liked your cover better than the original! aye aye thank thank!

so after he commendable changed the string with such speed he got back into it and a few songs later another string broke and he decided to stop and get off stage. i felt bad. i haven’t broken a string yet thankfully. *knocks on wood*

mosquito bites.

my friend stood outside because it was loud. earplugs, mate!

practicing in your room and singing up on stage are two different feelings! imagine that! i wouldn’t practice witha microphone in my room and then i’d get up on stage and have to stay super still because i wouldn’t be used to singing with the microphone! awkward.

the main band was awesome. i got to stay the whole time this time! my dad stuck around for some heavy stuff but he enjoyed it. super hard chairs though. my friend from grammy camp interns for the label that the main band is on and wanted to come but buffalo is like 2 hours from her so she didn’t get to. *sighs into sunset*

they were jumping around so much as if nobody was there and the stage was so small. i was like afraid to set on my chord and they’re doing that!

well from this gig i learned that just getting into your thing like nobody iss watching is amazing. word of mouth is where it’s at and lots of songs are great.