weds august 19th 2015
mohawk place
the stolen

i got there while everybody was loading in. i had to sell tickets but in reality i don’t know how to sell tickets so my mom bought some so i wouldn’t feel bad. i was going on first and the doors opened at 7 on tickets but i was scheduled to go on at 6:30. i thought it was a bit strange and i told the nice sound guy and he said i could go on at 7 which was rad. i wasn’t just playing to the crickets under the stairs.
i got this gig through math class. okay okay i got it in math class. my math substitute teacher knew some folks and yeah! got me a show maties!
i had a 30 minute set. so a few minutes before 7 i kept checking my phone to make sure i got on exactly at 7. i felt the nerves. i’d been working on staying out of my head and not worrying, but just being present in the moment and feeling the music. not worrying about what the folks in the back are thinking about or what they had for breakfast or what compelled their being to be in this vicinity. the performance went really great, in my opinion it was my best show. i felt like i was floating. i wasn’t worried about anything and i was just doing my thing! the way it should be! the crowd response was great and i couldn’t see anybody the way the lights were and that was probably a great thing for me since i couldn’t look at them and wonder all that.
i’ve been closing my sets with ed sheeran’s don’t mashup.

it only took me a day to really learn. magical.

*sees singer songwriter chick looping it up*
*starts fast rapping about money and women*
“woh rad!”

it’s different! i like.
so after the show i met the other bands and all the congrats.. oh you great folk. it was my first show (technically first show where i had to sell tickets but you know how it goes). made some friends with the folks and only could stay for the band after me because my mom made me leave early because she had to work the next day. what is this? i felt horrible. the joys of being 16! well, i bet you guys did great!

lesson learned: get out of your head on stage + be present