Sunscreen is starting to spray, hair is sticking to faces, kids are beginning to grow squeamish in their chairs as finals are approaching, and minds are beginning to dream and wander elsewhere, outside the classroom. Bees are buzzing, boats and motorcycles are being dusted, and their engines being tested. Let the bug bites begin. I just got the first one of the season on my chin. That warm rush of that feel. Oh you lame larvae. I’ve got this strong urge to go buy my nice camera and have a ball. He leaves to go back to San Francisco tomorrow, and I’m going to be hung up all day in the classroom, oh so exhausted to do much else when I return home. The TV forecasted the entire day, the sighs become louder. I passed out all day. I started running last week, I haven’t missed any scheduled days yet. Quality time is running out, when’s the next time she’ll see him? May the forth be with you! Post office packages are Christmas every day. My loop pedal came in the mail and I’m itching to use it live. It’ll make my gigs turn into shows once mastered. LA BABY. Bicoastal or bust. AP exam Friday, who’s the president? Chromatic tune my soul. Stop pooping on the couch. The day I can make my own schedule and not have to worry about others filling it up for me, that would be amazing. I haven’t practiced my violin solo. Ed Sheeran June 7th. Cats are love, cats are life. I love my cats. “I’m stuck in this weird position where I’m not sure whether to be excited for the rest of my life to begin or sad to leave everything behind.” That’s me. “The future is bright, and by all means, beautiful.” A day at a time. That’s all we have. Unless you’ve invented time travel, what’s the sense in stressing over the future? Plan all you want, but don’t shut that door of opportunity. Look to your left and to your right; you never know who you’re sitting next to who could change your life. Imagine it being this nice out all year round. If you know what this is like can we discuss this over a glass of apple juice?