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Musician, Producer, Web developer, human (sometimes)

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Sleek & Beautiful

High Speed CNC

A website I built for my uncle in San Jose

Sleek & Beautiful

Deflect - Waves

A song I mixed and produced for Deflect's album "Post Up"

Sleek & Beautiful


Launched an audio business offering services in pop music editing

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Consumption Versus Creation

  Reflecting on the past few years, I’m noticing something. I’ve created a few things. But a majority of my time was spent on consuming things. I wouldn’t say what I consumed was harmful or lowering my consciousness in any way, but I definitely did not implement anything or take action from what I was passively consuming. Or unconsciously consuming out of laziness. It made me feel like […]

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The Goo Goo Dolls

Hey guys! The Goo Goo Dolls are from my hometown of Buffalo NY and so they’re my hometown heros. You probably know their song “Iris”. They were my first concert when I was 6 in 2004. I got to meet them when they were filming for a music video in a secret location for their […]